We clean tablecloths, rugs, drapes, comforters,and other household items.  

Starting Prices
Men's Women's Misc.
Dress Shirt 2.75 Slacks 6.50 Wash/Dry/Fold
Per Pound
T-Shirt 4.35 Jeans 6.50
Slacks 6.50 Blouse 6.50    
Jeans 6.50 Vest 6.50 Curtans 2.50
Per Pleat
Tie 6.50 Skirt 6.50
Windbreaker 8.50 Blazer 7.75
Sport Coat 7.75 Dress 12.50 Quilt 25.00
Suit (2pc) 14.25 Suit (2pc) 14.25
Suit (3pc) 18.75 Evening Gown 35.00 Comforter 25.00
Overcoat 24.00 Wedding Gown 175.00
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Pick-up and delivery on Mondays and Thursdays

Let us help your spring cleaning needs.  You should clean your comforters before you store them for the season to get out all dirt and body oils that have accumulated through normal use. 

We can clean your area rugs.  You can drop them off at our store or we will come and pick them up for you at no additional charge.